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    Main kuch na bolee laiken uskay bheegay huway baden nay jab mujhay chuwa to main pagal see hogaiee.

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    It also took its panties off and has its legs spread. Just place your panties in your mouth, then you may begin. I hesitated for only a second, then bunched them up and stuffed them in my mouth. I pulled up my top to expose my tits and hiked up my skirt up above my hips to stop it from getting further stained with my juices, which were running down my thighs like a stream after a storm. He has a stable of ten slaves all of whom were captured using the same scam. I came across a website where people can create their own blogs and post pictures anonymously. Sow_trainer: So you admit you masturbated without permission. He is a thirty-three year-old stock broker who blackmailed me in to sexual slavery. It all started when I was surfing online one day while the kids were at school and I was home sick. Sow_trainer: I think twenty strokes should suffice for your first offense. Sow_trainer: Twenty strokes on your bare cunt with a wooden spoon. These pictures had been sent in by people who came to look at the site. I watched a video of a woman pissing in to her own mouth as she lay on the floor with her legs up. One blog led to another, each more depraved than the last. I watched a clip of a woman slurping cum out of another woman's asshole. There were dozens of blogs whose primary focus appeared to be the systematic sexual degradation of women. I began to masturbate at work in the ladies room, looking at these blogs on my i Phone. My clit was sore every night when I went to bed with my husband. He kept saying he loved me, why would he want to hurt me? I didn't post any pictures, of course, but now I could communicate with the other blog owners. Who would think of putting a funnel in a woman's mouth so a guy can pee in to it?

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    My hand was literally shaking as I clicked on the little envelope icon. I watched a video of a woman having her bald pussy whipped with a belt. I began to fantasize about acting out some of the scenes I witnessed. I went back to masturbating to that website and my blogs. Inevitably, inexorably, I was drawn back to the original blog I had first encountered. Your first lesson is that I am called sir at all times. After a few glasses of wine, I approached my husband to see if he would be interested in some role-play. I noticed that all the blogs had a little envelope you could click if you wanted to send a message to the blog owner. It turned out you had to create an account on the website if you want to message back and forth using this system. The home page contained a brief description of the blog. "Hi, I might be interested in online training, but I'm married and I don't want my husband to find out," is what I wrote. I clicked on the compose icon and entered "Sow_trainer" in the address box. I was very careful to specify the "online" nature of my request. At first, I received no reply and I immediately felt like an idiot. I quickly logged on to the chat service and created an account.

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